Found Object Sculpture

Artist Statement Found Object Sculpture

Since the components in my work have previous, recognizable use, I am allowed the ability to fabricate narratives into my art by choosing items whose past utility construct elements of a story. In addition, the universal, symbolic connections we link to particular items, add to the emotional dialogue of the message. By coalescing a group of pre-exiting components of varying ages, into a singular design constructed to convey the illusion of having some past function, the viewer is presented with seemingly cohesive artefacts which define history as a non-era specific continuum. This physical aspect of my sculpture is meant to serve as a parallel to the narrative, demonstrating that both human nature and human design are a slow evolution, not a collection of epiphanies.

A note about the Medium of Assemblage
Although Assemblage as a fine art medium has been explored for over a hundred years, it is only recently that it’s true worth is being recognized. With the world finally waking up to the fact that we need to slow our consumption of natural resources, a change in attitude is slowly emerging. Creative recycling and adaptive reuse projects are demonstrating that the world can move forward in a more responsible direction. Assemblage Sculpture is not going to intrinsically empty the landfills, but the inherent message that the medium conveys to the viewer, is that the validity of an object lays in its function – whether that be beauty, the conveyance of an idea or it’s utility – not in the newness of it’s components. Assemblage serves as a metaphor for the sustainable future where the only raw material left will be our past.



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