Artist Statement

As we grow older and build our intelligence, we pay a price. The more we experience life, the more we instinctively assign what we encounter into categories, so they fit neatly into our own unique perception of the world. We see, hear and taste our way through life with a confident understanding of the world around us; however, what we mistake for thinking is just our intelligence doing some rote filing. In order to truly think, we must question what we know.
I have always been fascinated with moments of limbo, those times where we don’t have enough information to process a quick decision. It is at these times
DCBreakfastDsmall, when confronted with uncertainty, that we are forced to stop and question our perceptions and ideas: to think. Routine is arrested and thought is turned on. We open the door to the part of our brain that explores, solves, wonders and experiences introspection. Only when that door is open for questions, are we open to growth as human beings.
In my work I often play the devils advocate. Duplicity, duality and paradox are woven into my photographs; the subtly of a facial expression caught between emotions, an image that tricks your eye or challenges your predisposed ideas, or a
subject that refuses to fit neatly into one emotion. These are some of the questions I attempt to present. As you explore the answers you will, hopefully, find some questions for yourself.
My goal is to present photography that will raise curiosity by provoking thought while remaining light hearted and aesthetically pleasing.

Deconstructing Comfort – View Statement and Gallery


Portraits and Persons – View Gallery

Kismet (I)32x40EDorothy

Personification – View Gallery

Parsnipity 40x32 detailPearoflegs 40x32B

Broken Words – View Gallery

Broken Words (V) websiteBroken Words (IV)40x32C


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